The company Slovkor-M, established in 2000, is dedicated to the professional registry administration and long-term storage of records acquired from legal entities and individuals, bankruptcy administrators and liquidators.

Generally binding regulations for the administration of the registry is Act no. 395/2002 Coll. on archives and registries and on amendments to some laws and Decree no. 628/2002 Z.z.

The Company shall ensure the professional administration of the registry under those laws and regulations in cooperation with the Slovak National Archives and methodological support in the activity.

The company also provides an archiving policy and plan in accordance with applicable regulations and ensure the establishment of a digital archive.


SLOVKOR – M, s.r.o.
Wolkrova 4
851 01 Bratislava 5

Bc.Petra Korcek
Tel: +421 904 330 533
E-MAIL: slovkor-m@slovkor-m.sk